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12 Water Play Activities for Kids

Well if you are like me with pretty little kids, going swimming can be a big production. Our local neighborhood pool is not very small-child friendly so we’d have to drive pretty far for a good pool. And trying to swim with three little kids is exhausting and even dangerous since there’s only one of me to go around. So here are some fun alternatives to swimming this summer: 20 super fun water play activities for kids!

So now that Memorial Day has passed, it’s officially WATER season!  That’s the season where we pretend that it’s super hot outside even if it’s 65 degrees and go swimming every day.

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3 Plant Growth Stimulators You can Prepare at Home

Ingredients: You will need honey and aloe juice to prepare a natural plant growth stimulator. 1st method Add a tablespoon of aloe juice in 250 ml of warm water. Pour the mixture into

Probably you’ve already used solutions that stimulate plant growth, because many of them simply refuse to grow otherwise. But no matter how effective the product would be, the relief comes only when you find that it contains only natural ingredients. 

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